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What you have not yet been able to see is the way it went for others. Now that everyone's old enough to know better, maybe it's time to bury the hatchet, or at least begin to explore forgiveness and its place in the scheme of things. Enough is enough. After months of back and forth and up and down, the PTSD is off the charts. Those who have come to depend too heavily on your time and input have been looking for ways to keep you on the hook.

You aren't interested. The need to feel like it's up to you to make sure everyone has a life is totally insane. You lost track of your own a while back. It's time to reclaim pieces of yourself and get some sense of continuity back into the schedule. This has something to do with the fact that so many people rely upon you to be the glue that holds everything together. In the midst of this, something in you has woken up to your truer calling. Whatever that happens to be is being weighed against existing obligations. You have been so good, and have been there for so many others, at this point your Soul is ready to form the foundation for what will amount to a healthier connection to your Self and your own needs.

Something about getting off your butt and moving on has opened the floodgates and you are alive again.

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With all this radiance streaming out of your heart you are bound to attract people and things that reinvigorate your desire to make a difference. Who and what shows up to save the day will be different for each of you. This endless supply of energy is in a supercharged state that will allow you to carry on no matter what. Don't fret about whether you've got what it takes. You've proven yourself in the past. Lots of things are up in the air.

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The key to keeping up the good work revolves around maintaining the connection to your inner being. For the next few weeks it would be great if you could retreat to a place where your inner resources feed your outer life. Little did you know that it would come to this. Some of you are already there, and will have no problem putting your money where your mouth is. Well, the tendency to expect others to provide you with more backbone needs to be closely monitored.

Leo Weekly Astrology Horoscope 30th September 2019

You are about to enjoy a vacation that you had been planning for long. You are likely to leave your competitors far behind by your sterling performance on the academic front. Assignment or result submitted by you at work is likely to come under all round praise. A profitable time is foreseen for those thinking of starting something new. You will be able to keep up the pace of your exercise regimen to enjoy good health. Your helping hand on the family front will be greatly appreciated. Love Focus: Those in a long-term relationship may experience the first turbulence that threatens to get worse on the romantic front.

A trip for some is foreseen. Property booked by you is likely to come into your possession soon.

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Get your free daily horoscope and zodiac readings. Find out what's in (Jun 22~ Jul 22) · Leo (Jul 23~Aug 22) · Virgo (Aug 23~Sep 22) · Libra (Sep 23~Oct 23). Leo · Jul 23 - Aug Let's pretend you're walking down a street and see a discarded cola can on the sidewalk. You could feel aggrieved that a lazy, thoughtless.

Some of you are likely to do well academically. Doctors, engineers and architects are likely to enjoy a professionally satisfying day. You may need to remind someone to pay back a loan, so do so at the earliest. Wayside food may prove hazardous to your health, so desist. Your preparation is likely to be put to test on the academic.

Your professional excellence will help promote your name and attract clients. Money loaned is likely to be returned. You are likely to find yourself more energetic and fit now, than before. Those looking for peace and quiet may have to strive for it. Love Focus: A loving phase starts all over again with spouse, as you come closer to each other. Follow more stories on Facebook and Twitter. Watch bizarre video.

Watch trailer. Deepika looks gorgeous as she shoots for two magazine covers. How Ranveer Singh transformed into a cricketer for Why you need Valium when dealing with immigration officers. Zlatan Ibrahimovic immortalised with statue in Sweden. India News. You will have enough to spend and save too.

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You may need to put in a few extra hours at work just to complete something urgent. An overseas journey for something important cannot be ruled out. Pace of work on a property under construction is likely to pick up.


It was during a Leo Mercury Retrograde in that Microsoft was investigated by the Department of Justice for monopoly practices and faced being split up until the judgment was appealed. Religious events will be designed in the family. You will be successful in handling domestic work. Get your birth chart based on your birth date. You may have to travel in connection with the business. People associated with literature will be honored for their ability. Canfield St.

Carelessness on the academic front needs to be guarded against. Strict dietary control will be the key to your good health. Money given up as lost is likely to materialise. Additional manpower may be needed to complete a back-breaking job on the professional front. You may have to be at your persuasive best to get your way on the family front. A trip may no longer excite you, but you will go anyway.

Chances of property or wealth coming your way through a deal cannot be ruled out. You are likely to shine like a bright star on the professional or academic front today. A long pending payment may materialise now. Health remains good. Boom time can be expected by some on the financial front. Differences with a co-worker threaten to spoil the work environment. Harmony is foreseen on the domestic front. Going for an overnight stay in an exotic location with someone near cannot be ruled out.

A stable family life is foreseen and will help you unwind. Travelling may prove tiresome due to delays. Some positive developments on the property front are foreseen, as chances of owning a house brighten.

Not taking any chances and sticking to tried and tested routes will keep you on course on the academic front. You will get benefitted on the health front by following health conscious people.


Be careful about money, as you may be charged extra. Those in search for suitable accommodation will be able to find one that meets their requirement. Your preparation will not go in vain on the academic front. Those betting or speculating can lose big money. Take professional help to get back into shape.